Nestle Nutrition helps train 30 nurses to fight infant and maternal malnutrition

Over 30 nurses and nutritionists from Kenya have successfully completed a seven-month{...}

Talking to children about death of a parent

Death is a taboo subject that many parents avoid discussing with their children. However, this{...}

Cycling tour company to host a kids’ bicycle learning camp

Kenyan cycling tour Company, Baiskeli adventures will from November 25th to December 10th hold{...}

Eating crickets can end malnutrition in children

Eating crickets can end malnutrition in children and ensure food security by boosting the{...}

Where to get playground equipment in Nairobi

With the holiday season here, many parents struggle to keep their children engaged making them{...}

Family indoor activities for the rainy season

The rainy season is here and with the kids on holiday get fun activities that can be done{...}

New drug for children leading killer, pneumonia

The Ministry of Health has announced the adoption of amoxicillin-dispersible tablets as the{...}

Building girls’ confidence through reading

A book club project at Dagoretti Girls Rehabilitation School is building girls’{...}

In the fight against anemia

Consumer company, Unilever is spearheading efforts to help reduce the prevalence of iron{...}

November Holiday camps

Kids have the opportunity to enroll for educative and fun activities this November holiday{...}

Kids' safety precautions on school buses

Over 400 children died this year from road-related accidents according to Road National{...}

Children's toys linked to future behaviour and career choices

Did you know the type of toys you buy for your children affects their future? Research has{...}

Financial management boot camp for teenagers

Kids have the opportunity to enroll in Centonomy Teen Bootcamp, a financial management camp{...}

Kenya classified as at moderate risk of potential spread of plague

Following the outbreak of plague in Madagascar, Kenya has been classified as at moderate risk{...}

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