Creating a routine for your baby

When a baby is born they do not have a routine but it a very important aspect of child growth.[...]

Why you should have a baby shower

A baby shower is a celebration party organized by friends for before or after delivery of a[...]

Why more men should change diapers

Changing of diapers by men is a sensitive social topic that has attracted a lot of debate,[...]

The Nairobi women's hospital to host pregnancy fair

Kenya’s renowned maternity hospital, The Nairobi Women’s Hospital will on 25th November host a[...]

Preparing to get back to work after maternity leave

The end of the tree month maternity leave is an agonizing and difficult time for many working[...]

Maternal mortality has reduced in Kenya

The free Maternal Care Program has immensely contributed to the reduction of maternal[...]

Diet change can help increase breast milk production

Breast milk is essential or newborns it supplies them with nutrients and acts as a vaccine[...]

Cerebral Palsy identified as one of leading causes of disability among Kenyan children and adults


Cerebral Palsy, a neurological disease that affects children before, during or after birth,[...]

Why Kenyan parents should baby proof their homes

Kenyan parents are being advised to ensure that their homes are baby proofed before their[...]

Eating plenty of fruits while pregnant increases a child's IQ

Kenyan women can increase their children’s’ IQ while they are still pregnant by eating seven[...]

Pregnant women should receive preventive malaria treatment to reduce the risk of death

Pregnant women who suffer from malaria have a mortality rate of 50 per cent. The disease is[...]

Totohealth SMS service continues to help pregnant Kenyan women track their health

Totohealth, an SMS service platform that helps pregnant mothers track their health by sending[...]

Educative pregnant women's event to be held next month


Project baby shower, an event dedicated to educate new mothers is set to be held for the[...]

How to wean babies off pacifiers

Breaking the pacifier habit is not always easy but there are several methods parents can use[...]

Pacifiers can help reduce the incidence of sudden infant death syndrome

Despite the side effects associated with pacifiers such as the misalignment of the upper and[...]

Pregnacy joints pain, back pain and swelling of feet explained

Pregnant women who experience joints pain, should do not worry about it being a serious[...]

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