Creating a routine for your baby

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When a baby is born they do not have a routine but it a very important aspect of child growth. However, training a newborn on a routine can be a frustrating process for mothers but it shouldn’t.
A baby has very specific needs, food, sleep, and playtime but knowing when a baby should have each can be a great challenge.
“When I was training my daughter I had a challenge in the beginning. I had to figure out what time she should eat, sleep, bath, and spend time with her,” said Sophia Muthoni, a journalist, and first-time mom.
Getting a baby on a regular schedule makes life easy for every mother and the baby, however, every mother needs to find a balance between her needs and that of her child.
Pediatrician Tanya Remer Altmann, editor-in-chief of The Wonder Years book said research shows babies love routines and prefer to know when certain things will happen each day.
Muthoni would wake her daughter in the morning for breakfast, play with her until eleven when she would give her a fruit, then at twelve it was lunch time, then she would bath her and let her nap. At 3 pm she would wake the baby up for a snack, water or some milk.
Developing a schedule is a manual for both that gives a predictable pattern of how things should be done.
“It is very important to understand the baby and watch how they behave. From my experience I noticed my daughter slept more in the morning, loved to eat at twelve and also slept in the afternoon,” She said.
A routine makes the baby and the mother happy and also helps in monitoring the baby and noticing changes like in feeding and sleep which might be due to an illness.
"Mother who are not sleep-deprived or hungry, make babies happier since meeting the baby;s needs at specific times creates a good body and mind ready to learn the new world,” Said Altamann.
Altmann recommends that a routine is established between two to four months.

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