Cycling tour company to host a kids’ bicycle learning camp

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ea3a9df4e2410efeca06b7f43564e04b--black-fathers-beautiful-momentsKenyan cycling tour Company, Baiskeli adventures will from November 25th to December 10th hold a kids’ bicycle learning camp in a bid to teach children the basic principles and benefits involved in riding a bicycle.

According to the UK Child Development Institute, children need to learn how to ride a bicycle because it helps develop their muscles and bones while at the same time improving their cardiovascular development.

“Cycling develops their leg muscles and strengthens their bones and the continued exercise will help build their stamina and improve their cardiovascular development. It will also increase their coordination and balance plus the sense of achievement and increased confidence they’ll have the first time they cycle away without their training wheels is hard to find elsewhere,” reported the Child Development Institute.

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Learning about safety bicycling riding tips is important for any individual who owns and rides a bicycle in Kenya. A lack of bicycle lanes on the Kenyan roads and not wearing safety gear such helmets has led to the death of over 16000 pedestrians and cyclists between 2005 and 2014 according to the National Transport and Safety Authority.For Baiskeli Adventures, in its camp it will not only teach children how to cycle but also the basic cycling techniques, bicycle mechanics techniques, they will learn about fun facts about cycling, take part in cycling games and learn safety bicycle riding tips.

“Riding a bike can be dangerous, there is the risk of falling off or crashing into something for a start, but there are steps you can take to reduce the risk and minimize any injuries. Making sure the bike is the right size for your child, is mechanically sound and has proper safety equipment like lights, bells and reflectors is important. You also need to get the right safety equipment to protect heads, knees and elbows, checking regularly that it still fits and is in good repair,” reported the Child Development Institute.

The Baiskeli Adventures camp will take place in phases one from November 25th to December 3rd for children age four to 11 years and the other on December 4th to December 10th for children age 12 to 17 years old.

Charges are Sh800 per day. For more information call: 0799396513 or 0717681649.

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