Kids' safety precautions on school buses

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childSafety-schoolbussafety-1024x500-1024x500Over 400 children died this year from road-related accidents according to Road National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) raising the question of kid’s safety in vehicles.
School buses especially have become death traps for children with cases like that of a 6-year-old boy from St Augustine Primary School who was crushed to death by the school bus in Mombasa in July, and three students from Lokichar Secondary School in Turkana county who died after their bus overturned are just examples of accidents that occurred this year alone.

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“There is a serious need to train drivers, children and parents n safety precautions of kids in vehicles. Most cases of accidents that kill children can be avoided,” said Maryana Munyendo, Founder Simba-safe Kenya.
Just how knowledgeable are people on their children safety while in vehicles? Whether you own a car or use public transportation, parents can save their children by observing the following precautions while using vehicles.
School bus safety precautions (by Simba-Safe Kenya and NTSA)
1. While waiting for the school bus, children should stay in a safe place on the pavement.
2. Stay out of the danger zone and stand at least 5 giant steps away from the school bus.
3. Children must wait until the school bus stops, the door is opened and the driver/conductor says it is okay before stepping onto the bus.
4. Teach all children how to use the seat belt correctly and ensure they are buckled up before departure
5. Ensure children sit looking forward and remain in their seats throughout the journey. In case something falls let them inform the driver.
6. Windows must remain shut unless directed by the driver or conductor.
7. Doors of the bus must remain shut and should be opened by the driver or conductor.
8. Be alert to traffic. When you get off the school bus, look left, look right and left again before you cross the street and remember to always cross in front of the bus. Schools must, however, insist that the bus conductor crosses with the children at all times.
9. All bus drivers must be certified with a valid driving license, clear criminal and health record.
10. Drivers must observe the stipulated speed limit and failure to which he /she must face repercussion.

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