The Nairobi women's hospital to host pregnancy fair

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pregnant-womanKenya’s renowned maternity hospital, The Nairobi Women’s Hospital will on 25th November host a pregnancy fair in a bid to educate young and new mothers on labour, delivery, hold Lamaze classes, nutrition and breastfeeding at their Kitengela and Ongata Rongai branches.

It will act as a learning platform for first time mothers, teaching them on what to expect while pregnant and after birth. On breastfeeding, women will be taught on the different positions they can embrace in order help their newborns latch onto the breast for easy feeding and to prevent choking.

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A study published in the journal Pediatrics found that women who had just delivered but were worried about their ability to breastfeed were more likely to switch to formula sooner than those who did not have these concerns. Three days after delivering, over half of the women were worried about their babies’ ability to latch on, while 44 percent were concerned about breastfeeding pain, and 40 percent about their capacity to produce enough milk.

Besides this, women will also learn the different types of deliveries such as water birth, cesarean, natural births and home births. This will helps them in deciding their preferred delivery. Each type of delivery has its perks however with cesarean births, the mother is required to visit a hospital which has the capacity to carry out such a major operation and is capable of taking care of the mother and child after birth.

While Lamaze classes will prepare parents with information surrounding a baby’s birth including pain management during labor and breathing techniques.

The attendees will be given the chance to ask questions to the experts who will be in attendance. Other than that, it offers a chance to women, who are at the same stage of their life to interact, socialize and share their experiences during this period.

Snacks and lunch will be served on the day and there will also be plenty of activities for children, keeping them occupied as their parents take part in the fair.

Entry is free and it will take place from 8 am to 4 pm.

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