The event for young Kenyan entrepreneurs at the Zen Garden

The event for young Kenyan entrepreneurs at the Zen Garden0 out of 50 based on 0 voters.

Books-for-Budding-Entrepreneurs-FeatureIn a bid to inspire and promote young Kenyan entrepreneurs, Zen Garden will on Saturday, September 30th host a kids’ business fair at its garden restaurant.

The event dubbed, Zen Kids Business Fair, will provide a platform for children to ignite their entrepreneurial skills and showcase their talents to their peers and adults plus sell their products to interested parties. It will encompass small businesses created and launched entirely by young Kenyan children age five years to 15 years.

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Such an event can go a long way to bring out the business people of the future in the country at a young age and especially given that children’s attributes are likely to make them good entrepreneurs.

According to business magazine, Inc, kids’ curiosity, fresh minds, creativity, and ability to learn fast, love for technology and fear for business failure already makes them natural entrepreneurs.

“By virtue of being young, kids try new things every day. They are interested in how things work and like to find out what happens if .....They are used to not knowing things, so they do not get discouraged if they are not experts on a subject. They are still students, in learning mode most of the time, so they are used to asking questions and finding solutions,” reported Inc.

“They are also are digital natives, so they do not have to waste time learning the technology. The internet is always at their fingertips, and understand how to use it as a tool. Creativity is a part of their DNA as kids. We have not got locked into specific ways of thinking, so thinking something different is not so hard.”

Besides this, children are taught to learn from their mistakes and will therefore not back down if they fail the first time and thus the event will be a good learning experience.

To sign up a child for the Zen Kids Business Fair or to get more details, one can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . or call 0717 976 548. A stall costs Sh5000 and a maximum of three kids per stand are allowed.

It will open at 10am and close at 5pm.

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