First ever video gaming tournament to be held in Nairobi

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Iron-Man-Naiccon-2016Africa’s first ever international multi player video game tournament will be held on Saturday and Sunday at the Sarit Centre in Nairobi with over 16 teams from different countries taking part.

The event will be hosted by Liquid Telecom Kenya in partnership with the Nairobi Comic Convention (Naiccon). Console gaming teams from Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya are expected to participate it will also bring together over 3500 creative minds in the animation, gaming and comic book industries.

“PC gaming is not just be a source of entertainment but also a highly educational competitive sport, a driver of internet infrastructure development, and a catalyst for local content generation,” said Ben Roberts, Liquid Telecom’s Chief Technology and Innovation Officer.

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The 2017 multi-player video game tournament is expected to draw attendees across all age brackets, many of whom dress as their favourite super heroes and villains, in a celebration that has become a global phenomenon at comic and gaming conventions. Winners of the tournament will be awarded cash prizes worth $1,500.

“This will serve as a powerful demonstration of East Africa’s rapidly developing regional internet infrastructure landscape, as the online gaming servers to be used for the tournament will be hosted in Uganda by Liquid Telecom.”

Naiccon, founded in 2014, held the country’s first successful tournament last year with eight teams on console. The aim of the convention is to act as a platform that brings together consumers and content creators in one place, inspiring growth through collaborations, partnerships, mentorships and workshops.

Furthermore, Liquid Telecom Kenya will provide 200Mbps of uninterrupted internet supply to enable streaming on different sites within the event and host a LAN Party on the same connectivity. The company has also sponsored national gaming teams from Uganda and Rwanda for the championship.

In Kenya, the biggest drive behind the growth in gaming has been the deployment of high-speed internet infrastructure, which allows gamers to watch and compete with each other across the country and over continental borders. The rise of gaming is also creating jobs in Kenya, as youth move into roles as game designers, animators, audio engineers, and technical support specialists.

Entry charges are Sh200 for a day or Sh300 for both days. The event start 10am to 6pm.

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