Kenya pupils to represent country in spelling bee competition

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spelling-bee-BANNER2On Saturday, Kenyan pupils from 36 counties will congregate in Nyali Mombasa for this year’s National Spelling Bee Championship Grand Finale.

Over 7,000 students from all over the country participated in the county spelling bee championship out of which the top three learners from each county were selected to proceed to represent their respective county’s at the National Spelling Bee Championship.

A total of 141 students from all the 47 Counties will compete to be crowned the best speller in Kenya.
“The main aim of the spelling bee is to help students improve their spelling, increase their vocabularies, learn concepts and develop correct English usage. It was also to enrich the learning experience of the school children through growth in English vocabulary, public speaking and self-confidence,” said the Kenya spelling bee association.

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Not only that research has found that spelling bees help raise pupils’ examination scores, but it can also enhance a child’s growth in terms of life skills. They also teach discipline and competition, and are a great confidence booster.

“The way the children learn the words is not just by rote studying, but through etymology and learning roots, pronunciations, and multiple definitions. This is invaluable in terms of building vocabulary. Once children learn to break down words, they can decipher meanings of related words, develop a more extensive vocabulary and become better readers and writers overall. With better reading comprehension, comes greater literacy, and greater enjoyment of reading, literature and language. All from understanding words,” read an article on learning website, titled; More Than Words: How a Spelling Bee Can Round Out Your Child.

“While it does take practice and regular studying, kids may also find it rewarding and fun. Many make lifelong friends through the bee, who share their interest in language.”

The spelling bee winners from the nation level will compete with other winners from other African in an event that will also be held at Nyali, Kenya in September.

This is the second time that the spelling bee is being held, last year the winners of the national spelling bee travelled to South Africa for the African spelling bee championship.

Kenya was represented by the top three 2017 National Spelling Bee Champions.

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