Where to get left-handed products in Kenya

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506d4586ba0b4a1b83e0583e7a5436c8Despite the fact that the world’s population is made up of 13 per cent of let handed people, they are still at a disadvantage because they are forced to adapt to right handed equipment including things such as pencils, spoons, scissors and even cups.

For Linda, the mother of a left handed child when she herself is right-handed, did not realise how dire the situation is until when the teachers at her child’s school complained of her untidiness and she had to explain to them that she was just trying to become accustomed to the right-handed way of doing things.

“I had to explain to them that as a left-handed child certain things like holding a pencil, the way she places her book on the table and even her handwriting will be different and if forced to do it the right-handed way then it will lead to a mess,” said Linda the founder of the organisation Lefty Kenya, created to raise awareness of the challenges facing left handed people in the country.

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“It is not a disability but they are expected to compromise when using everyday tools including even a sharpener, which can be quite difficult.”

The organisation was established last year as a way to mobilize and help people understand the world that left handed people live in plus also offer support to them. Its aim is to give them the confidence and skills to approach their tasks in a safe, comfortable and effective way, educate the society and cultivate a more empathetic and accepting culture towards the left-handed.

In a bid to do this, the organisation works with the parents who have left handed children and share with them information on how to cater for their left-handed children at home.

“We also work with also work with schools to provide the correct ‘handed’ stationery, equipments, sensitizing the teachers and making them realize the importance of knowing a student’s handedness because it affects their class work in so many ways: their letter formation and handwriting, their sitting position, posture, placement of their worksheets, stationery requirements,” said Linda.

There are also forums that we hold that encourage people to discuss all issues left handed and deliberate on possible solutions to create collective power bringing left handed people together to interact, share stories and encourage each other.”

Besides this, lefty Kenya also sells efficient left-handed products for their use at home, school, and work such as pens, cooking sticks, cork screws, can openers, scissors and sharpeners among others.

“Products that are designed for them have reversed designs compared to the right-handed equivalents: scissors with reversed blades and handles; corkscrews with reversed spirals for a left-hand twist, knives with reversed serration in order to help them with their duties.”

To get in touch with them contact: 0799 872 416 or visit their website www.leftykenya.org

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