New time saving washing detergent introduced in the Kenyan market

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As Kenya’s middle class potential grows and yearns for convenient, smart and efficient home products, Procter & Gamble (P&G) Kenya has reiterated its commitment to enriching the cloth washing experience by unveiling the Ariel Washing Machine Powder, one of its kind by quality standards in the market.

Unlike other products in the market, the Ariel Washing Machine Powder works deep down at the fibre level to clean, protect and enhance qualities of clothes and offer an excellent stain removal in just ONE WASH. Users are not required to hand wash sensitive parts of clothes like collar and cuffs.

In a bid to share this amazing product with Kenyan families while teaching them on how to cut domestic expenditure, save washing time, achieve 100 per cent results and maintain effectiveness of their machines, P&G today partnered with Hot Point Kenya to engage families at a fun and colorful Spin Splash Challenge held at The Hub Karen, Nairobi.

Participants at this event engaged in fun games that encouraged spraying of dirt and stains on their clothes and cleaning them in just ONE WASH using the Ariel Washing Machine Powder.

Speaking during the function, P&G Brand Manager Gala Francisco thanked participants for coming to witness the Ariel Washing Machine Powder magic. He explained that P&G believes in innovations that focuses on peoples’ everyday challenges to combine what is needed and what is possible through cutting edge technology
‘’Ariel Washing Machine Powder unique FibreSCIENCE technologies that allow you to achieve the highest standard of clean to keep your fashions beautiful for longer in Just ONE WASH, saving you both money and time. This ‘magic’ is in abundance in your nearest supermarkets across the country, Please go share the experience with your friends and relatives’’, said Francisco

The Ariel Washing Powder Spin Splash Challenge by P&G is coming at the time when studies are showing that more Kenyan households using washing machines either use wrong detergents or low suds in their washing machine load, achieving poor results and even end up destroying their machines less than a year after acquiring them.
Experts from Hot Point Kenya taught participants on how to detect and prevent fault in their machines. They for instance warned them that nasty odor coming from their machines is very likely the result of using too much liquid fabric softener and soap over an extended period of time.

‘’When you use too much of these products, the fat will congeal and gum up on the lower part of the machine under the tub. In most cases, this area of the machine is not accessible to consumers, so it is very difficult to clean, hence giving chance for gunk to grow,’’ one of them explained.

He added that as the congealed soap scum forms, mold, dirt, and bacteria stick to the gunk, which in turn creates a very nasty odor.

The survey for instance shows that of over 200,000 Kenyan families who use washing machines, only 40 per cent of them use normal washing powder in their machines, simply because they don’t know that there is a specific detergent for their machine.

According to Francisco, regular hand wash detergent is less effective in machines because it produces too much foam, which may delay the washing cycle, reduce cleaning effectiveness and prevent proper rinsing.

The study further indicates that 7 out of 10 loads are washed in the machine while the rest are hand washed as consumers believe that machines cannot remove tough stains.

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