The rich and healthy Kenyan purple tea

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download 1When we think of the health benefits of herbal tea, green tea has always been top of mind.

Research has shown that green tea happens to be the healthiest beverage on the planet. It has always been recommended especially to people who are trying to loose weight. However, it is receiving some serious competition from the rich and healthy purple tea as research has started confirming that it has greater health benefits.

Purple tea is a variety of tea that is successfully grown in the rich volcanic mountain soils of Mt. Kenya. According to an article by Irene Njoroge in the Daily Nation on 12th March 2016, she touts purple tea as the next big thing in skin care. Purple tea has more polyphenols than green or black teas (16% compared to 10.1% for black tea and 9.1% for green tea).

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It also has a polyphenol compound called GHG that is not found in other teas and is responsible for the tea’s anti-obesity effect. In a nut shell, compared to other teas, purple tea extract has the highest content of variety of polyphenols antioxidants.

A Japanese company found that the extracts of the purple tea has the following five benefits: good digestion and fast metabolism leading to weight loss; Anti-ageing benefits; helps even out the skin tone; oxygenation of the skin due to presence of free radical scavengers; useful as a hair and scalp tonic aid in hair loss prevention.

Senior Advisory at the Tocklai Tea Research Institute Dr. P. Baruh, adds that purple tea contains anthocyanin which has many medicinal properties and is particularly known to be beneficial against cardiovascular diseases; it also contains high antioxidant effects that provide anticancer benefits, improve vision, cholesterol and blood sugar metabolism.

“We have researched a lot on the health benefits from cancerous models to models that have undergone extreme oxidative stress, and we have seen that purple tea actually alleviates the stress in these cells and we have used that to educate our people that purple tea is actually good for your health”, explained Lilian Kerio a biochemist at the Kenya Tea Research Institute.

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