Kenyan website,Dienmac,offering online music lessons

Kenyan website,Dienmac,offering online music lessons5 out of 50 based on 1 voters.

B46FDE288470434A5756AE7BD8249971CD8E73750B62DA06C5pimgpsh fullsize_distr 2Kenyan music enthusiasts can now access online training sessions, download song score sheets, voice training services as well as musical instruments training sessions through the website

“It is not a physical class session but a video streaming session that learners will get step by step instructional tutorials. We train the clients via a video link, for which we require the client to make payments via Mpesa or Paypal, then they learn all through our highly qualified music professionals. From the basics to the most advanced level,” said Dienmac’s founder in an interview with KenyaKidz.

“For a fast learner, it can even take two weeks to learn how to play an instrument, write music or sing melodically.”

To begin the instrument playing classes, however, one does not need to own one. According to Dienmac, the music theory is first learned as the student watches and listens to the trainer in the online one-on-one video session. Then once the learner buys a musical instrument later or is handed a music sheet, they may sight read and practice alone.

Sight reading, on the other hand, the skill of reading and performing a piece of music or song in music notation that the performer has not seen before requires a lot of patience before one is able to get it right.

“It can get really frustrating when a musician is unable to perform a song because they keep hitting the wrong notes or they sing the wrong notes. But through Dienmac’s online and real time sessions, musicians are able to perfect sight reading.”

The Dienmac instructional videos sessions contain at least 20 hours of lessons. By choosing to embrace online teaching services, the website is banking on Kenyans interest in online activities and its easy accessibility.

To get in touch with them or for information and price quotations, visit their website It also gives clients access to music writing services, download music sheets downloads and read literature on music in Africa and beyond.

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