Online fitness platform,FitChis, offers the convenience of home workouts

Online fitness platform,FitChis, offers the convenience of home workouts0 out of 50 based on 0 voters.

18446730 1908116612806458_245701144060073240_nKenyans now have the convenience of exercising at the comfort of their home thanks to a new coordinated home instruction fitness platform called FitChis that offers an online chat system, enabling real time video streaming training sessions.

FitChis gives people the opportunity to work out with Kenya's most outstanding fitness trainers, who are also former athletes thus, offering them individual fitness needs and the training that has made Kenya the world's best athletic nation.

For years, former athletes have gained a reputation for being the best coaches, personal trainers and gym instructor and in turn best employees following an extensive life of discipline.

According to Vincent McCaffrey, CEO of Game Theory Group, a Greenville, based recruiting and career services firm, athletes make the best coaches and employees due to their experience, training and expertise acquired in a period many serve their countries as sports personalities.

“Six out of the past 11 U.S. presidents were college athletes which is no surprise since people in this field are goal oriented, self-confident and have exceptional leadership qualities. You can train someone on the day-to-day job requirements, but you can’t change work ethics. Athletes already have that dedication,” he says.

Fitchis has therefore tapped its talent from retired former athletes in Olympics and fitness industry aiming to deliver affordable world class home personal fitness training in a project that created jobs in Kenya, and delivered affordable and professional home personal fitness training.

The online exercise platform comprises of seven trainers who have over five years17903742 1889952347956218_3520001420953691190_n experience in the industry.

Tom Munji for instance, the head trainer is a self defence coach and former martial arts Olympian, who represented Kenya in the Olympics in South Korea in 1988 and in Barcelona in 1992, as well as at the Commonwealth All African Games in the UK in 1991.

“I train general fitness, Judo, Karate, boxing, Brazillian Jutjistsu and mixed martial arts, in which I trained in Japan, for 8 months, and Korea, for six months,” said Tom

“I also train the Black Belt League, and have a client base that that includes ambassadors of several countries, the American Embassy, American marines during their visits to Kenya, and school kids from the International School of Kenya.”

He is also the Sports Director of the Kenya Judo Association, has also developed a strong specialism in training older clients, often when they are unfit, unwell, or recuperating from surgery.

To join FitCHIS, visit its website, (, click to book a package of sessions, and you will first be asked to set up your profile and details. Your members’ log in takes you to your own fitness dashboard.

You can choose your own trainer, or try different trainers – just browse the trainers, check their calendars for availability and book a session time: the system will show you which trainers are available at that particular time.

A training session costs Sh2000.For more information contact them on: 0772 092 348 or on Facebook-FitCHIS.

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