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Teaching children to swim at a young age boosts their IQ

Teaching children to swim at a young age boosts their IQ0 out of 50 based on 0 voters.

hqdefaultTeaching a child to swim as early as six months has been found to have a great impact on their learning and cognitive skills, boosting their IQ.

A study conducted by a US University in 2015 found that children swimmers had far better cognitive abilities than normal, and intellectual comparisons showed that early swimmers were at least months, if not years, ahead of other children their age that did not know how to swim.

“We found that the kids that learnt how to swim earlier on, displayed better writing and reading skills, they could count better, and were able to use building blocks better than kids that did not take swimming lessons,” read the research report.

“One group of three-year-old test subjects was up to 15 months ahead of the normal curve in following directions, while kids that were a bit older than four years old were 10 months ahead in language skills, 11 months ahead in oral expressions, and nearly seven months ahead in math skills and kids nearly four years old had better grasping skills by seven months, and were close to four months ahead in locomotive skills.”

However in teaching children how to swim, safety is key. According to Jan Emler Swim School, it is best practice to apply caution due to high risk associated with infant drowning during swimming lessons.

“Teaching a child to swim can start as soon as the umbilical cord falls off. However, infants should not be put into swimming pools. For the most part these programs only cover bath time activities to help younger babies grow comfortable being in the water. Truly teaching infants and toddlers behaviors aimed at reducing the likelihood of drowning in the event of falling into a body of water does not usually start until six months of age,” said Jan Emler, Founding President, Emler Swim School.

Faced with such evidence, Kenyan parents can give their children a jumpstart in their academics by embracing various lifestyles that can boost their children’s IQ that will later reflect in their school performance thereby reducing the pressure associated with the need to perform excellently.

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