The Kenyan archery club that trains Olympians

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archeryAt the 2016 Olympics, archery was one of the most watched sports, it rated second on TV to swimming and it was in that year that Kenya was for the first time represented by a female archer, Shehzana Anwar, a member of the National Archery Organization of Kenya since she was 13 years old.

“Becoming a member of our club and setting off on the interesting path that is archery is an easy process. The club offers training to those with previous experience that are seeking refresher training and for those new to the sport, the beginner Archery class is equally beneficial. It is a two-hour course that teaches range rules, safety and the fundamentals of archery,” said the Kenya Archery Association Club website.

The club trains shooters at the Strathmore University Grounds in Madaraka Estate which is its main training venue, from beginners aged eight years and above, to young adult and parents.

“The reason we have a minimum age limit is because the sport needs concentration and focus, it is like driving a car; you need to focus so we cannot train a three year old,” said Anwal, the club’s treasurer.

“Starters have to buy their own arrows. As a beginner, one can break so many arrows, so the club allows members to use their bow, but they need to buy six arrows,and then eventually buy their own equipment.”

Through training from the three World Archery Level 1 coaches the club has, young archers in the club have gone on to participate and win in various Junior inter club championships, the commonwealth games as well as take part in the Olympics.

“My daughter participates in international championships and she would compete with women aged 45 and 50 years old when she was only 17,” said Anwal.

In fact, Shehzana Anwar has gone on to become the reigning African Archery Champion after winning in Windhoek last year and was the country’s first Kenyan to qualify and participate at the Olympics in Rio last year.

The association also organizes its very own inter-club league competition where its members and other clubs bring their archers to showcase their prowess.

Currently, the club has over 40 members and opens every Sunday from 4pm. Charges are Sh500 per session and an annual membership fees of Sh4000
For more information contact them on: Admin 0708386685

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