Drinking two glasses of milk a day keeps the doctor away

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child-drinking-milkMost parents encourage their children to drink milk telling them that it will help them grow strong; this statement is now backed by science as research has found that drinking two glasses of milk a day increases Vitamin D and calcium levels in the body which leads to development of healthy bones in children and adults.

A research carried out by Dutch Dairy Association, found that there is a favorable connection between the intake of milk, its products and healthy bones.

“Research has shown calcium, protein and phosphorus from milk, milk products and cheese help to build peak bone mass and keep bones healthy in later life.” read the research report.

As one gets older, bones get weak due to a loss of tissue caused by different factors among them calcium deficiency. By eating foods or rather drinking beverages rich in calcium and Vitamin D such as milk, it can help keep bones healthy and prevent the risk of developing osteoporosis, a condition that weakens bones, making them fragile and more likely to break.

In this, milk is an essential beverage in households, globally. Some use it to make tea, it has to be included when having cereals for breakfast while others even use it when cooking meals and when offering guest cookies, milk is offered as well. It is also considered a remedy for sleep disorders; when one is having trouble sleeping, warm milk is the advised cure.

Besides all these, its other proven scientific benefits is that it helps to lower blood pressure and even helps in weight loss.

“Clinical trials indicate that the consumption of recommended levels of dairy products such as milk, as part of a healthy diet, can contribute to lower blood pressure in individuals with normal and elevated blood pressure,” according to a research paper by Peter J Huth, an Independent Researcher with expertise in Human Biology, titled Major scientific advances with dairy foods in nutrition and health and published in the Journal for Dairy Science.

“In addition, a growing body of evidence has provided support for a beneficial effect of dairy foods on body weight and fat loss. Clinical studies have demonstrated that during caloric restriction, body weight and body fat loss occurs when adequate calcium is provided by supplements and that this effect is further augmented by an equivalent amount of calcium supplied from dairy foods.”

Seeing as research has proven that milk has a lot of benefits, it’s safe to say two glasses of milk a day might actually keep the doctor away.

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