Two Rivers Mall offers more fun for Kenyan families

Two Rivers Mall offers more fun for Kenyan families0 out of 50 based on 0 voters.

17523519 1393735597368383_9168571251203261533_nIt is the country’s biggest shopping mall and it does not disappoint in providing families with yet another destination to enjoy days out and fun.

Located between the Northern Bypass and Limuru Road; 14 kilometers from the CBD, it features quite a number of stores but no doubt its play area is the main attraction.

The first thing that catches the eye is the large blue flume ride at the amusement park. For lovers of water and those not afraid of heights, this is their thrill ride. The nose dive from the top of the ride is in hollow log boats, that are propelled rapidly down the tracks by a wave of water. After a breather, the riders are again pulled up and shot down another steep slope in high speed. It is a dizzying adventure that is more likely than not to cause nausea, expect a lot of splashing.

Another fun activity in the aqua play area is the bumper boats. Bumper cars are17458434 1393735864035023_1319260542446225142_n fun but bumper boats are exhilarating. Once inside the rubber ringed shaped watercrafts, the rider is detached into the mass of water and officially becomes a target for other riders to try and drown.

They are electric thus the riders are only required to steer themselves to safety and bump others. Mini racing competitions are sometimes held, giving riders a chance to showcase their ‘bumping’ skills.

They can sit up to two people therefore parents can accompany their children and given the splashing fun involved, it will be surprise if adults resist the urge to join.

And for those who have always wondered what it is like to walk on water, there is water zorbing. It involves one getting into a clear large ball referred to as a human hamster ball, where one can run, walk or crawl on water without getting wet.

The charges for activities in the aqua play area are: bumper boats Sh300 per five minutes, water zorbing Sh200 per five minutes, aqua play Sh300 per 30minutes, flume ride Sh250 per ride.

17362675 1393735867368356_2035095334633529616_nAside from the water fun, there is also the Oswear skate park at the River front, where children of all ages and also adults can be taught how to glide in ease, and for the pros to enjoy a gliding session.
There is also an electric train ride that is curved to resemble a cartoon character; charges are Sh200 for a three minute train ride.

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