Event offers Kenyan children the opportunity to interact with 'cartoon characters'

Event offers Kenyan children the opportunity to interact with 'cartoon characters'0 out of 50 based on 0 voters.

downloadIn an effort to ‘introduce’ Kenyan children to their favourite cartoon characters, the mascot festival for kids will next month host an event in which over 35 of these animated persona will interact with the little ones.

“There will be over 35 mascots dressed in favourite cartoon characters’ such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Minnie Mouse, Winnie the Pooh and Daisy Duck among others,” said Fiona Okadia, the founder of the event.

“On the day, we aim to give children a day of entertainment in which they can play with their favourite cartoon characters and take pictures while parents get a chance to spend time and interact with their kids away from home and they also get to learn.”

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Indeed, for children research has found that they are attracted to animation content thus they are able to absorb a lot of information and better than they do in school.

“Children are attracted to the cartoon content much more than the academic traditional ways of learning, due to the well written scenarios, audio, visual effects and colors. These factors are enough to cause the child to absorb information dozens better than that absorbed from a teacher in a classroom,” this is according to a research conducted by the University of Michigan on Cartoons’ Effect in Changing Children Mental Response and Behavior.

In this, the mascot festival for kids is seeking to give children an environment where they can learn and even expand on their skills uninhibited.

“Other than interacting with the mascots we shall also have educational games and competitions where both parents and children will take part in as a way of interacting with each other and also learning from each other,” said Fiona.

There will be other kids’ activities such as; bouncy castles, water bubbles, trampolines and animal shows among others.
The event which is being held for the first time was inspired by Ms Okadia’s son, an ardent cartoon watcher. “He loves cartoon and every time he watches them, he usually asks me if I could take him to meet his favourite animation characters, whom he refers to as his friends.

“So basically, since I am able to take him to meet them, I thought why not bring them to him. Think of this event as Disney world coming to Kenya.”

The event will be held on the April 8th at the All Saints Primary School that it is next to Strathmore University.

Charges are Sh500 in advance (before 20th March) and Sh700 at the gate. It will start at 10am to 6pm.

For more information call:0734033376

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