Where to get washable diapers in Kenya

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Reusable washable diapersKenyan parents looking for a cheaper option for diapers then using washable one, could prove to be value for their company than disposable ones.

The products, which are made of an absorbent and quick-drying fabric, provide a solution to parents who constantly have to change their babies and buy new diapers thus reducing the expense.

Washable diapers have microfiber liners that are absorbent of urine and baby poop, thus leak less compared to disposable diapers.

Most of them are multi-size meaning they can be adjusted to fit a child as they continue to grow from infancy to four years old.

Here are places in Nairobi where they are available:

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Smiling Baby Happy Mum- It is an online baby store. For a washable diaper with one insert, it goes for Sh450, with two inserts it is Sh550 and wholesale price is available if one buys for pieces or more.
Delivery within CBD is free.
For more information call: 0700050218

Yakobetty Kwena‎- It is also an online store whose diapers retail at Sh500. They are multi-size that is; the diapers can be adjusted to fit any size from infants to three year olds.
They are breathable (provide enough fresh air to the child in their nether regions) and are made out of natural fabrics.
Cost of delivery depends on one’s location.
Contact information: 0721417474

Totoz World Kenya-Its store is located in Nairobi’s CBD at the Umoja1 stalls, ground floor, along Mfangano Street opposite Equity Bank. Its diapers retail for Sh600 with an insert included. They are multi- size and can be adjusted and used by infants to four year olds.
They also deliver country wide.
Contact information: 0731692079

Kids and mum- Another online baby store. It diapers retail for Sh600 and are also multi-size. Delivery in Nairobi’s CBD is free
Contact information: 0715371218

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