Educative pregnant women's event to be held next month

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images 1Project baby shower, an event dedicated to educate new mothers is set to be held for the first time this year on March.

The event offers a learning platform for the heavily pregnant, newly pregnant and even first time fathers. There will be experts in various fields to ensure that the information shared is correct and factual to dispel the myths that accompany pregnancies.

Attendees will be encouraged to ask questions regarding any situation that they are going through and for any information that they would require.

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The experts will include a parenting coach-who will help parents in regards to disciplining of children, how to talk to them, what it means when a baby is crying, how to help children socialize and how to get rid of children’s bad habits among others. There will be a midwife that will educate parents on the types of births, what labour pains are, the role of the father during labour and in the delivery room among others.

There will also be a lactation manager that will teach mothers on how to breast feed with ease, the type of diet one requires to maintain while breastfeeding, what it means when the they are not producing enough milk and breastfeeding positions among others.

Other activities will include Lamaze classes, breastfeeding preparation and practical baby care.
The event also provides a platform for mothers to engage with others, support and learn from each other as they go through the same journey.

It will be held on March 4th from 9am to 4pm at the Osnet Gardens along Valley Road. Charges range from Sh1500 to Sh2500.

For more information or to make reservations call them on: 0731324358.


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