How to wean babies off pacifiers

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imagesBreaking the pacifier habit is not always easy but there are several methods parents can use to stop the habit.

“Parents can dip the pacifier in white vinegar, making it distasteful, pierce the nipple of the pacifier with an ice pick or cut it to reduce its length thereby to minimizing sucking satisfaction,” said Dr. Jyoti Bahra of Lotus Dental Practice in Syokimau.

“If these methods fail, then they can apply other methods that may seem mean such as leaving it behind while on a trip or the cold turkey method, where by the parent withdraws the pacifier suddenly and completely.”

Tips and recommendations for using the pacifier

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Pacifiers can help reducing the incidence of sudden infant death syndrome

Long term use of pacifiers will lead to dental problems in children

Pacifier use should be restricted to the time when the infant is falling asleep.

Pacifiers can cause severe lacerations if the shield is held inside the lips.

A symmetrical nipple permits the pacifier to remain in the correct sucking position.

Dispose of the pacifier after the baby breaks the habit; it is not sanitary to keep it or give it away.

Buy products that are constructed as one piece. There shouldn't be any parts that can break off and potentially be swallowed or breathed into the lungs.

Never fasten a pacifier on a string or necklace around your child's neck. Your baby could accidentally be strangled.

Do not try to calm a fussy baby by dipping a pacifier in honey or sugar water. This will increase your child's risk of tooth decay.

Use positive reinforcement to encourage older children to give up the pacifier.

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