Playing tennis can help improve Kenyan kids' social skills

Playing tennis can help improve Kenyan kids' social skills0 out of 50 based on 0 voters.

16194895 1340579976000138_3619997423819772953_nBumblebee sports, a Kenyan sports company, is offering Kenyan children a chance to learn how to play tennis, an activity which can help foster social skills, in exercising , learn about team work and goal setting.

“Tennis is a sport that has health benefits to children in that it is a fun way to exercise, they get to engage with other children and it helps them in setting their life goals because it is an activity that involves self-motivation, a skill that can be applied in everyday life,” said Nicholas Ananda, the tennis coach.

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Some of the tennis activities taught include; groundstrokes, footwork, rallies and serves but other than that, Mr Ananda also encourages them to take part in different tennis tournament. “The tournaments are a way of them testing their new skills with different opponents and if they choose it as a career option it can be a stepping stone Again, it is a way of socializing with other children in different areas who have an interest in the sport.”

Bumblebee sports offer two programs: group and individual. In the individual classes, it is one on one basis (coach and student) while in the group classes the students are grouped in different age groups.

“I encourage parents to enroll their children in the group classes because they not only learn from the coach but also other children.” He teaches students from age 4 to 14 years at Hillcrest

The classes are one hour long for different age groups. The individual classes are Sh1200 per session whereas the group classes are Sh3000 per month.

To get in touch with them call: 0725795305

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