Medical company offers pediatric first aid training in Nairobi

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Kenyan first aid training and consultancy company, MedSwift will on 29th October and November 2016 offer a Baby First Aid training class at the Southgate Center in South B, Nairobi.

“The aim of this training is to provide first aid knowledge and skills relevant for those caring for babies and young children,” said Joy, the administrator at MedSwift. “It has been designed to provide knowledge specific to handling of babies and children, in the homestead or workplace setting.”

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Indeed, such training gives the caregiver the knowledge on how to handle a pediatric incident in case one occurs at home. “Nobody likes to think of their child being in an emergency situation, but learning first aid will give you the confidence to be able to help should you need to,” said RedCross on their website.

MedSwift was inspired to conduct the training following requests from their clients. “We usually conduct corporate first aid trainings, in some of our sessions; people have been asking whether we train nannies as well. So we decided to conduct one that will be specifically on pediatric first aid training,” said Joy.

However it is not just for nannies; “It is suitable for parents, child-minders and staff caring for babies/children in schools, nurseries, churches, pre-schools, day cares, estates and anyone else willing to learn how to handle children in distress.”

The training session will include; demonstrations on how to conduct emergency first aid for babies and children, how to take care of the baby/child until a more qualified help arrives if an accident occurs, how to identify and administer first aid to medical and trauma emergencies and how to identify risks to babies and children in the home and or workplace among others.

“After the session, the ‘students’ will be able now be able to prevent cross infection, know how to handle unconscious children and infants and how attend to a child who is choking among others.”

The charge for the training is Sh1500 per person. To get in touch with them call: 0722823758.

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