Kenyan children to learn bicycle safety rules at Nairobi Traffic Park in October

Kenyan children to learn bicycle safety rules at Nairobi Traffic Park in October0 out of 50 based on 0 voters.

The Nairobi Traffic Park will on October 1st hold a children’s bicycle race and a bicycle safety session event dubbed Wheels in the Park.

“It is a fun way of teaching children bicycle road safety rules,” said Esther Omollo the organizer of the event. “In most Nairobi neighbourhoods, bicycles are a part of children’s play activity and we would like to ensure that parents and children know the safety guidelines of the activity. We will have a 20 minutes bicycle safety session that will be conducted by a bicycle safety expert from the Kenya Urban Roads Authority.”

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Beyond teaching children about bicycle safety, Esther says is it is also a way to fun way to encourage children to keep fit and participate in outdoor activities in the age of video games that keep them indoors.

By encouraging children to take part in outdoor activities to keep fit, the event could help in the prevention of obesity in Kenyan children which has been linked to indoor activities such as playing video games. According to a scientific study conducted by the American Society of Nutrition and published in Science Daily found that teenagers playing video games for one hour consume more calories in the short-term than they do after one hour of rest.

“Blood glucose concentrations increased more when playing video  due to overconsumption of food after playing video games, which occurs without changes in perceived hunger and appetite,” said the authors of the research.

Wheels in the Park has also partnered with a Kenyan charity, Pearls and Treasures, where they will donate toys that parents bring and their children no longer use. “We want to also give back to the community and there will also be a car boot sale for children items.”  

Parents can cheer for their children as they race on their bicycles.  There will be prizes for the winners. The participating age of children for the event is 18 months to 12 years.

The entry charges are Sh500 per child, Sh800 at the gate and Sh1000 for car boot sale vendors, Sh1800 at the gate. Parents get in for free.

To contact them call: 0738706566

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