A child psychological platform for parents

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Kenyan parents looking for physiological help as they raise their children can access it at a platform called Baby Insight created by Kenyan psychologist, Esther Kinuthia.

“It is a platform that offers physiological support to parents on their children from birth to adolescents,” said Esther Kintuthia. “Baby insight helps parents understand their children’s behaviour by focusing on it so that they can relate to them.”

By parents taking time to understand their children’s beahviour, it could help build a better parent-child relationship. According to an article titled Child Psychology and Mental Health by the Child Development Institute, a child care agency understanding a child’s psychology will help build stronger bonds and know them better.

“Understanding your child is one of the most important things that you should learn as a parent. It is very helpful in becoming effective in guiding and nurturing your child as they grow and mature,” it said.
Esther Kinuthia was inspired to create the platform following her experiences as a mother.

“The things that I go through as a mother, interactions with other mothers, things that I learnt about later and observations as a mother, inspired me to start a platform that would offer parents information that they required about their children.

“We help parents deal with a child throwing a tantrum, how to approach a child when they throw a tantrum, learn what are the contributors to the child’s behaviour and discipline.”

Baby insight also offers therapy, parental training, hold workshops and forums for parents. For forums they charge Sh1000 per person for attendance, couples Sh1500 and for individual sessions Sh3000. They will be holding a forum on 3rd October.

To get in touch with psychologist Esther Kinuthia call: 0738809667

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