Rock city opens new park in Kiambu County

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341bbd35-4573-426f-9374-7d9ee54c5b2cKenyan families have the chance to enjoy a Valentine’s Day together at the new Rock City park in Ruiru, Kiambu County at the Tatu Industrial park.

“It is mostly a picnic site at the moment because we are still installing the kids’ rides,” said John Njuguna, the manager of the park. “But we have the swimming pools which are functional, bouncy castles for the kids and the garden where they can run around or they can bring their playing balls.”

The park comprises of five swimming pools but at the moment only three are operational; one for adults and two for kids. They also specialize in events for order this is where by they set up a tent and decorate it to your liking for the special occasions; be it a birthday, graduation, wedding receptionor even for a romantic date on Valentine’s Day.

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“For the events on order, other than the specially decorated tents, we also offer access to the swimming pools and the buffet,” said Njuguna. “The buffet includes proteins; beef stew and chicken, vitamins include vegetables and fruit salads, carbohydrates are; chapatti, rice, chips and roast potatoes. Drinks one can have either a soda or fruit juice. Anything more one has to pay extra Snacks for the kids will also be provided and there will be facing painting at the garden.”

The charges for an event for order will depend on the number of people in a group; for example for two people it is Sh3000, inclusive of access to the swimming pool area and the buffet. To access the swimming pool area only is Sh200 for both adults and kids on the weekends and Sh150 weekdays. Entrance to the park is free.

To get in touch with them for reservations call: 0724464805

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