Where to find crocheted baby booties

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16388213 1343648122359990_8935816901888087865_nKenyan babies now have a chance to keep their feet warm during this cold El-Nino weather thanks to crotcheted booties. Purely made from yarn, these pint-sized shoes not only ward off the harsh weather but also protect baby's feet.

“The shoes are great because baby has not started walking yet but in case you want to put them down you do not have to worry aout their feet getting harmed,” said Maya who makes the shoes.

An idea that came about one month ago in a bid to present the perfect baby shower gift has now become a full-fledged effort to protect the feet of Kenyan babies while also earning an income in the process.
“Whenever I used to go for baby showers everyone used to bring the same presents so since I wanted to be different I decided to crotchet shoes for infants and they have already become an instant hit,” said Maya.

Apart from protecting the tiny feet of babys and keeping them warm, Maya also lauds er product for its good fit.
“The good thing with these booties is that they take the shape and size of the infant's foot which also make them comfortable to wear,” said Maya.

The self-taught crocheter learnt the art as a young child and now makes booties that come in various shapes and sizes.
“I make the baby shoes for both boys and girls and they come in the designsof doll shoes, converse, crocs among others,” said Maya.

Cleaning of the shoes is done just like any other clothing made from yarn. Maya said that “just as you would wash a sweater is the same way you will clean these shoes.”

Retailing at Sh500 a pair, the baby booties are aimed at children up to around  15 months.

For more information on the crotcheted baby booties, contact Maya on 0725 981 120 or visit the Facebook page, Mayah Creations-Crotchet.

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