National Youth Orchestra's next concert to be held on December 9

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The National Youth Orchestra (NYO) are treating Kenyan families to a Latin Christmas by staging a concert. The concert which will be held on December 9 is a means of giving back to the Latin American community who have supported NYO.

“We have noticed that embassies from South America have really done a lot to help us so we just wanted to appreciate them. They invite us to play at a lot of their events and some like the Venezuelans have even given us practice space,” said Kimberley Champagne, a young leader at NYO.

The songs played by the orchestra will be classic pieces from South American countries as they seek to also usher in the mood of Christmas.
“We will have pieces from a number of countries such as Peru, Argentina, Venezuela among others,” said Kimberley.

Despite seeking to celebrate the joy of Christmas, NYO would also like to take this opportunity to form stronger ties with these nations so as to grow the orchestras in the country.
“We would like to build a relationship with these countries perhaps through exchange programs because you find that their national youth orchestras are very strong. In Venezuela for instance, they have a government sponsored music education programme that helps develop talented musicians in every state,” said Kimberley.

The Christmas concert which will be held at The Michael Joseph Centre on December 9th is not the last one for the year and the NYO hope to stage another one around December 20th.
“The December 20th concert will be held after a training session which will run from December 14-20. The concert will crown the the training which is open to NYO members,” said Kimberley.

For more information on how to get your tickets, call Kimberley Champagne on 0701 680 985.

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