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Kang’amboni school wins district tournament

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Kang’amboni Primary School is the 2012 winner of the Moving the Goalposts Kilifi Primary School girls’ football tournament, empowering young girls in Kilifi.

In the finals, the team, hailing from Vitengeni beat Dsitzoni Primary School with a goal from young footballer Caroline Yeri in the first half.

This event, that took place during the second weekend of June, marked the 11th edition of the MTG Primary school tournament. Since 23 May, 87 schools have played matches in Kilifi, Ganze and Kaloleni district.

Conceptualised by Kilifi based Moving the Goalposts group, the theme of the tournament was “Sitakiajira, elimu kwanza”, eliminating child labour while encouraging children to value education. The sport and development community based organization uses football to empower girls and young women in Kilifi, Ganze and  Kaloleni district helping them develop essential life skills including confidence, leadership, self esteem.

More than 3,000 girls between 9 and 25 years participate in football and peer led health education activities. MTG encourages leadership and promotes education and economic independence. It's goal is to have a more inclusive, just, and peaceful world where girls’ and women’s full human rights are realized and protected. MTG girls have organized these tournament finals, have given peer education, officiated the matches and provided first aid.

Also in the tournament, the match for the third and fourth position was that of many goals. Malomani Primary School beat Maryango Primary School with 3 – 2. Jane Kazungu, Shani Thoya and Santa Zero scored for Malomani while Hamidi Kadhengi and Janet Mwangi did the same for Maryango.

Besides playing football, all the players attended peer education sessions about children’s rights with a stress on child labour.

All in all, with the help of the International Labour Organization a project in Bahari constituency, MTG hopes to eliminate child labour.
Written by Dinfin Mulupi for African Laughter

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